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 foot prints you left

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PostSubject: foot prints you left   Sun Nov 13, 2016 11:26 am

You were just a nobody,as beautiful moments past,
you started leaving your deep red bloody foot prints in the snow which laid before me.
The sun blasting through the lifeless branches and shrubs.
The snow crystals releasing there shapes and colours as the sun reflects its warm rays,
looking so innocent and bracing the warmth and light ,
feeding me the energy like a ball of fire burning through my soul.
The darkness came and then moments later your bloody foot prints disappearing,
i run through the creepy saddened forest, going deeper, my skin ripping as the branches dug into me,
the blood trickling down, the tears flowing down my cheeks like a dripping tap uncontrollable.
I fall to the freezing cold ground with a thud feeling the crisp white snow between my fingers,
my heart as the fear takes hold of me.
I sit up and shuffle back against the tree, closing my eyes tight and thinking is this the time i die alone and heart broken
in this sad forsaking place .
Hearing the echoes of screams, the lost souls from the past, thinking of the impact you had gave me with your blooded foot prints. finding the strength to rise again, i stand but stumble getting my balance, i slowly walk through the creepy forest, before i knew it the moonlight was guiding me to an opening , looking back to the darken forest , for a split second i was hoping you would appear and to give me the feeling you once gave me ....
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foot prints you left
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