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 My eventful lifestyle

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PostSubject: My eventful lifestyle   My eventful lifestyle I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 09, 2014 4:09 pm

Warning: This is of course rather lengthy and very hard to read. Hard to read not because of how its worded or the layout but hard to read due to how eventful. Written to describe my eventful lifestyle.

In 1993 my mother got a broken jaw from being punched by my dad.. In 1996 my parents my sister and I were in a serious car crash in which mum almost died she was trapped for an hour and a half and recieved brain damage. Our van skidded sideways in front of a truck. Mum was drifting in and out of conscsiousness.. 1998 I fell down a 7 metre cliff no injuries cept for a pretty bad blood nose. Also 1998 I witnessed my so called friend sexually assult a man and then commit attempted murder to the same guy following morning with a wrench. 2008 or there abouts my son was hospitalised for 7 days with pneumonia, while in there bec had to be brought into hospital as well with severe flu. 2009 I had been flag marshalling motorbike racing for years with my dad at Symmons plains raceway. This one early morning on the way to the track we came accross a car crash where a ute had gone into a tree. Driver was fully trapped and he had two clearly deceased teenagers beside him. After they got the driver out we left proceeded to the race track.. First few races were uneventful but then all of a sudden hell broke loose. A guy came off was waving at me to help him then all of a sudden another bike hit his bike exploded in a huge way as u can see below and then he was hit and from behind while on the ground and killed instantly.

Positives into negatives from that last incident I became chief flag marshal for motorbike racing and road crash rescue with ses. Of course this came to a crashing holt in 2011 when bec had her status epilepticus and wasn't looking like she would make it. Bec's mum had serious bowel cancer and had to have a very touch and go surgery in 2011. I returned to road crash rescue in 2012 (often to this day will still have up to weeks at a time where I can't go to anything and sometimes can get a call out she will tell me sorry can't go to this one. Last year my son got pneumonia again and his left lung wasn't working things weren't looking like he would make it either. They had to insert a tube into his lung to drain it. Easter day was terrible.. while James was in bed in the high dependency unit Bec had two seizures next to him of course causing the hospital to panic.

Things I left out in this story of course quitting my medical career to take care of bec and the endless battle I fought when quitting work to get her and myself on pensions. The ammount of payments we had taken off us as they wanted me to work for the dole was horrendous. I also left out all the ambulance calls for bec's seizures and the 3 - 4 times a year accident and emergency visits to the hospital. I also left out.

There's some negative depressing stuff out of those but what hasn't killed me yet has made me stronger

Here some articles related that dreadful day where I saw 3 dead in two completely seperate incidents including one my same age killed metres in front of me. Also included is a coroners report with my name in it:

news paper article front page

Coroners report

Pic of the crash as it was happening seconds before the guys death me under the bridge almost getting killed by the explosion myself. Nearly passed out when I saw this pic had no idea the explosion was that big all I saw was flame and smoke. I put the fire out, two others were laying motionless on the track after the incident as well had to put flames out for medical services to get through

Most recently prior to recent asthma that both my wife and my son have wife even went unconcious, a fellow rescue worker I had worked with the same day was killed in a bike versus truck crash less than two hours after working with him
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My eventful lifestyle
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