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 i can't believe people blurt things out like this on fb.....

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PostSubject: i can't believe people blurt things out like this on fb.....   Tue Feb 05, 2013 6:25 pm

Laurie Marconi
3 hours ago near Haddonfield ·

I want to jump off a bridge
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Ellen Young Don't do it! Your family needs you.
3 hours ago · Edited · Like
Brett Tina Marie Dean Don't do it! One day you'll be with Jason statham

majorly needs help it's clear...i grew up with her when i lived at home! Don't understand ,so idk if to ask her what the issues is...or leave it?? meh!

i was always told no matter what kind of a day you have......suicide is never the answer ,there is always a brighter day ahead ...may not be atm ,but it will be there!!!!!

And remember in the mean time there is always counselling to talk with ,your parents and whom ever,just ending ur life is never the way, you are not only destroying your life...but you are being selfish and leaving the people behind that do care of you....


Never ever feel alone there is always someone there you can talk with i mean maybe she just said that out of frustration not a clue.....

"Sorry if i babbled too much just wanted to put this out there!!!"
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i can't believe people blurt things out like this on fb.....
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