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 Tragic shooting in Conneticut!

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PostSubject: Tragic shooting in Conneticut!   Tue Dec 18, 2012 6:09 pm

Young lives were taken at such a young one should have to suffer in such a despicable way i know how to phrase that...of what that horrific gun men did to innocent just makes you realize that life is too short no need to fight..argue over petty things.....because you just never know when your last day is up/numbered could walk out your front door or never wake up even.. you just never know,......sorry but all i keep thinking of is these poor parents whom have lost there children in this and a week before Christmas as well......imagine all the gifts they have bought for there kids who are not with them any longer.....Sad

Any way on a happier note i wish everyone a safe and Happy Holiday stay safe.... rendeer santa
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Tragic shooting in Conneticut!
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