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 what happend to Maner?

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what happend to Maner? Empty
PostSubject: what happend to Maner?   what happend to Maner? I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 04, 2012 11:53 pm

[Well most of Yall know me or a few of Yall do or herd of me .my chatter name is atmaner most call me Maner. The ones who know ne verry well know that. Little over a year ago I was going tho a lot of health issues while I was in the hospital I was asked to give a post dated check to the business office covering half of the 30% that I would have been responsible that same day they put the check into there bank account and when it hit my account the check bounced. When it returned they filed it with the county attys office I was given 10days to pay it when I couldn't my atty told me to fight it due to it being a post dated check I would win and also the situation I was in. Two days into the trial I asked the judge to dissmiss my atty and let me inter a open plea. He granted my request I was given 10 months state jail work camp where due to my health I did light work in the mail room. I would do dubble shifts for early release 5 months into it the judge knocked off 3 and a half months of my time. I was released on April 16. I have been tho a lot and lost some verry dear ppl to me and I will never for get them. For those who know me and where hurt over it I'm sorry that I put you Thu what I did. I didn't wake up and say I want to hurt my friends. If I could turn back the clock I would.if u have anything to say go ahead and say it.I need to hear it [quote]
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what happend to Maner?
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