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 Reading The Book "The Fault In Our Stars"

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PostSubject: Reading The Book "The Fault In Our Stars"   Sun Jun 03, 2012 11:07 pm

FYI : This may be really silly and really dumb but I'm writing it anyway. I will probably read this later and think " Wow I was a weird 15 yr old " ( okay almost 15 yr old ). However I'm writing this anyway because right now it's not too embarrassing.

Part 1: Recently I read a book ( I'm sure I've told everyone about). The book ended up being a sad book , the two main characters are cancer patients so I guess it was going to be sad no matter what. However, this book was sad in a different kind of way. Normally in a book you are sad/cry because something sad or terrible happens. Normally those terrible thins are unexpected and you cry because it shouldn't have happened and well ... it was a sad event. This book however , created a different kind of sad. This wasn't an unexpected sad event , you know they are sick and the book tells you that , you know whats going to happen. It is sad because you became so attached to the characters you don't want them to hurt , your sad for them , not about them.

Part 2: This is a book that makes you think about your own life. It brought out one of my biggest fears. I know at 15 this shouldn't be a concern of mine , but I'm scared of dying and not leaving a mark or doing anything important. At 15 I should care about dying , but it happens to everyone , and that doesn't leave me out. However , this book showed me maybe it's okay to die not leaving a mark on the world. As long as I impact the people around me and closest to me is what matters. Thinking about , they will remember it most anyway.
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PostSubject: Re: Reading The Book "The Fault In Our Stars"   Mon Jun 04, 2012 11:10 pm

your far from weird......and your brilliant...Smile
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Reading The Book "The Fault In Our Stars"
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