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 Got a problem? Ask Lily

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PostSubject: Got a problem? Ask Lily   Mon Sep 13, 2010 6:36 pm

I’m good at giving advice to other people. Not so good at taking my own advice though. So I’ll give you advice and you can give me advice. Okay?

Serious questions will get a serious answer and silly questions will be ignored.

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PostSubject: Re: Got a problem? Ask Lily   Fri Jun 14, 2013 1:13 pm

I am new and need advice on somthing I have or had a friend we were close and then she drop me for her Now fiancé and then she Apoligized and asked for my help I helped her she moved in and her fiancé and his son that she adopted and they stayed for 6 months but before they left I found out I was prego she wanted to b prego wit me and about 5 months later she's prego and since she moved out she would avoid and ignore and push me away but only talk and call me when she need me and I went to her baby shower 2 weeks ago and she stared at me as I walked up to her but when I finally got into ear shot she ignored me acted as if I wasn't there and then say hi and what not but would stare at me and ignore me give me wired looks and treat everyone else like how we would b and look at me like I wasn't supposed to hear that or oops she thought I was talkin bout her kind of looks she even rejected one of my gifts cuz it was bronco beanies for babies she got mad but playfully just to get away with it type of mad and she got mad cuz I cut her baby name from the cake I was just getting cake I didn't knw she wanted to keep it I guess I dnt knw what to do she's the only friend I have and I keep fighting to keep our friendship but maybe I should stop and find new friends what do u think
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Got a problem? Ask Lily
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