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 Our Angel Cat

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PostSubject: Our Angel Cat   Tue Sep 07, 2010 8:11 am

Hayley our gorgeous black and white cat has just passed away,

I won't ever forget what happened that fatefull day.

Why on earth did this happen to an animal so soft and cute.

It would have been better if mum had found her in her car boot.

That tragic day we at first didn't think that it was Hayley that got hit,

Its not something that you expect to happen, I truly thought mum had lost her witt.

Hayley had crawled under the bonnett of mums car to get warm but nobody knew she was there.

We know that mum would have moved her had she'd been aware..

Mum got 5 minutes out of this town,

if only she had known what was about to go down.

Mum heard a thump and saw cat flying along the road behind,

Mums always been good to cats has always been kind.

Though mum pulled over there was no cat to be seen,

Mum knew it was her but I refused to believe her and now I feel so mean.

The next day I noticed Haley had disappeared,

I didn't think it was totally abnormal or very weird.

I told my mum she hasn't been seen or heard.

Mum left her work to go and look for her but even then I thought that was obsurb.

Later that day I got home and was told mum had found her seriously hurt but alive,

I couldn't believe it had happened to her.

Mum told me when she picked her up she began to pur

She had an operation to try and save her life,

The vet did well with her under the knife.

Sadly she passed away that night.

I can't believe this happened it just isn't Right

R.I.P Our dear cat Hayley

Written 21st August 09

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PostSubject: awww   Tue Sep 14, 2010 12:30 am

Awww so sorry to hear that tazzzie....... Crying or Very sad
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PostSubject: Re: Our Angel Cat   Tue Sep 14, 2010 2:32 pm

It's so sad losing a pet.

Remembering my little dog Sandy.

Crying or Very sad
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PostSubject: Re: Our Angel Cat   

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Our Angel Cat
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