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 First Concert....

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First Concert.... Empty
PostSubject: First Concert....   First Concert.... I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 08, 2012 8:26 am

Sitting up sleepless... so I felt like writing about one of my funniest memories...

Over the summer I had joined a metalcore band with a few friends, I was on drums, my friend Matt was on lead guitar/vocals, and Grayson on bass. We wanted to be the "new Nirvana" (We weren't). So we find ourselves a show at a party in Freehold, NJ. We had been excited because we lived in NY, so that was a big thing for us. We were told to go to sleep early, because we'd have to wake up early, too. So, us being stupid teenagers, stayed up until 6 in the morning writing a song about Dick Clark. Yep, Dick Clark. So we slept into the afternoon, missing our ride and winding up stranded in NY. Desperate to perform, we called all the people we knew capable of driving us. We tried a lot of people, going through Matt's whole contact list. After his mother told him that she couldn't take him, he got so angry that he threw his phone at his door, cracking the screen. Now we were really in trouble, as me and Grayson had no phones, so we had no way of getting a ride at all now. We went to our last option, Matt's landlord Debbie. She had no car, but had a friend named Sydney who was going and could pick us up. So, we hitched a ride with Sydney, some dude who we've never met in our lives who said not a word to us as we entered the car. This was the first and only time we would see Sydney. So we get there, and we go up to rock out to "Dick Clark". I was incredibly nervous, I had never been on stage like this before, and I was sort of wishing that our song didn't have to be so stupid, at least. We all wore pajamas, to honor Kurt Cobain. Regardless of how stupid the song was and how odd we looked, everything went fine.
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First Concert....
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