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 i want summer back :P

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PostSubject: i want summer back :P   Fri Nov 18, 2011 8:14 pm

I want summer back already..i need to get my darn tan back...Sad i so hibernate and stay in all winter pretty much...Razz

But on weekend mornings i do get out quite a bit ....Razz gawd i feel like a ghost ha ha....

pale pale but on this actual profile pic shot i think the light got me this pale looking..Razz

But on that note even in the summer i don't tan too easily i have to really work at it as you can tell,like i will go to the tanning salons here and there when summer hits and use the tanning lotion...Razz other then that this is my pale pale look for now till summer returns... Very Happy

i actually like this pic so it will stay......)
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i want summer back :P
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